At the first hearing we will advise you based on the evidence served. We will provide advice in relation to plea, likely sentence, and on the options available in relation to sentencing. Further, we will advise on whether an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument should be made.

We will conduct advocacy for you at the hearing.

Our standard fee for attending Courts within M25 for the first hearing are as follows:

£500 + VAT of £100 = £600

Our fees for preparing for trial are based on time spent. On average this is usually at least 4 hours. This can include attending upon you and any witnesses or advising you on any further evidence.

We will also explain the court procedure to you are aware of what expect on the day of your trial. We will check the unused material and prepare arguments and cross examination for your trial.

4 hours at £165 +VAT of £33 = £198 per hour

TOTAL £660 + VAT of £132 = £792

Please note that these figures for the preparation are an estimation. Preparation for trial will depend on the complexity of the case and this fee will be agreed upon individually.

Our likely fees for attending a half a day trial in Courts within M25.

£600 + VAT of £120 = £720

Our likely fee for attending a full day trial in Courts within M25.

£900 + VAT of £180 = £1080

Please note that attendance at Courts outside M25 is subject to separate agreement and separate fees to cover travel expenses and length of the trip.