Employment law has changed rapidly over the past few years and has become an increasingly complex business. There is often a new proposal in the pipeline such that employers and employees need to be aware of when and how any changes may have an impact on their means of livelihood.

Consequences of failing to keep your obligations can  be very costly. Our employment team has the knowledge and legal expertise to resolve disputes pro-actively from a commercial, cost-effective perspective.

We can help you reduce the likelihood of any disputes by ensuring that both employer and employee understand their rights and obligations through up-to-date and unambiguous contracts, policy documents and staff handbooks.

We cover all areas of employment law, including: -

  • Contracts of employment
  • Staff handbooks and policy documents
  • Workplace disputes
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Unfair and wrongful dismissal
  • Redundancy procedures
  • Compromise and termination agreements

HR and Employers

Our aim is to help you balance the need to be a fair boss with running a competitive business. We provide a practical and common-sense approach to issues arising in the workplace. We appreciate the sensitivity in dealing with complex issues and we approach these with a balanced combination of technical expertise and practicality.


An employer must demonstrate a genuine reason to dismiss workers within the law. Six potentially fair reasons to dismiss may include conduct, capability (qualifications/ill health), redundancy, retirement, statutory illegality.

An employer be seen to have acted fairly for example, in the manner the dismissal was handled.

We provide employers advice and representation in the event an employee has issued an Employment Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal.


In a fair redundancy dismissal an employer must act reasonably and consult employees affected or their representatives, use a fair and objective criteria for selection of workers to dismiss.

If you are contemplating making redundancies, contact us. We can advise you through the process.

Negotiation of Severance Packages, and Drafting of Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts made between an employer and employee. It provides for a severance payment for the employee in return for giving up any rights to a claim against in a court or employment tribunal.

We advise upon the wording of Settlement Agreements and negotiate severance packages. It is important that this agreement is drafted correctly.


An alleged unfair treatment of an employee on the basis of disability, age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, maternity, trade union membership or hours worked.

We can provide advice and representation in the event an employee has issued an Employment Tribunal claim for discrimination..

Maternity and other Family Friendly Rights

We also assist in drafting employers’ policies in relation to this area.

Contractual Disputes

If an employer has arguably failed to abide by the terms of an employment contract (eg, an unlawful deduction of wages dispute that is outside the time limit for an Employment Tribunal claim), an employee may bring a claim in court for breach of contract.

We advise and represent employers in breach of contract disputes.

Disciplinary Matters

If you are involved in a dispute with an employee, we can advise and guide you through disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Contract and other types of drafting

We have experience in drafting different types of contracts, and in particular contracts of employment. We are able to tailor a contract to specific needs you require.

We also draft company handbooks, company policies (eg, IT, data protection, and privacy policies), and all types of legally-based literature used by employers.


Our employment team at Dillex fully understands the problems that can arise in the workplace and are on hand to assist you with any employee claims you may wish to make during or after your employment.

If you are having problems at work, such as discrimination or harassment, we can advise on the best course of action to take against your employer.

Our employment lawyers will work on your behalf to achieve results swiftly and cost effectively. We can provide advice on Compromise Agreements, Grievance Procedures, Redundancy, Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal and other related employment areas.

Our employment lawyers will also prepare and present your case if you are required to go to an Employment Tribunal.


Were you dismissed by reason of redundancy? Your employer will need to show a genuine redundancy situation; either closure of the business or workplace or a diminishing need for your work.

Has your employer followed correct procedures for making redundancies? If a redundancy situation is genuine, you may be entitled to a statutory or contractual redundancy payment.

Negotiation of Severance Packages

We can help negotiate a severance package with your employer.

Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract made between you and your employer, which provides you a severance payment in return for giving up your right to a claim against your employer in a court or employment tribunal.

Due to its legally binding nature, its important you understand what you are agreeing to before you sign any agreements.

We advise and negotiate on terms of a compromise agreement. Employers usually pay the legal fees for this service.


Do you believe you have been discriminated against? Discrimination can occur if you have been treated unfairly because of your disability, age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, maternity, trade union membership, hours worked or an equal pay claim.

Our team can provide you with advice and representation in your dispute.

Maternity and other Family Friendly Rights

Are you expecting a baby? Expectant mothers have special rights such as right to time-off and not to be dismissed in connection with taking maternity leave. Certain employees may be entitled to parental leave, or to time-off to care for a dependant.

We advise on your rights to maternity, parental leave, time-off to care for a dependant, as well as any further entitlement to pay.

Contractual Disputes

There are different situations where there may be a breach of your contract of employment.

If you believe there has been a breach of your contract, we can advise on any potential claim you may have.

Disciplinary and Grievance Matters

If you are involved in a dispute with your employer, we can advise you on the disciplinary and grievance procedures you may face, and how to respond to these.