Wills & Probate


Nearly everyone has thought of making a will at some point but only 30 per cent of us have actually done so. Even the most sensible of us often wrongly assume that making a will is something that can be put off till tomorrow.

Unfortunately the absence of a will, or a poorly written document, can mean instructions on how your estate should be dealt with are unclear and lack legal standing. This can lead to disputes over property, belongings and finance.

Here at Dillex, we offer an expert yet competitively priced will writing service specifically tailored to the clients individual circumstances and requirements. We can also advise on basic tax planning and setting up trusts.


Our long-established probate team understand how upsetting it is when a loved one passes away. This is often exacerbated by the responsibilities of having to administrator an estate. It is our aim to assist you through this time by making every step of the way as straightforward as possible.

We offer professional but sensitive guidance. Our service begins as soon as you need us and can include funeral arrangements, notifying banks and other relevant parties, calculating the IHT, applying for and obtaining the Grant of Probate, preparation of estate accounts and distributing the estate.

Death of a loved one without a valid Will can be costly nightmare for beneficiaries and your assets will pass as per the Intestacy Rules.